Building trust in your information and security

This informative brief measures the confidence of IT leaders in their data and security practices.

The results presented are based on a mobile-only, 23-question global survey. This survey targeted Manager, Director, Vice President or C-Level executives with influence in the decision-making process of cloud solutions, platforms, and infrastructure or department-specific software. Respondents worked within organizations generating revenues between less than £1 million to more than £500 million, with 100 to 50,000 employees.

This study reveals:

  • How well organizations globally are coping with the deluge of data
  • Whether we are truly getting the value from the data we have
  • The ethical mindset – and the three steps to ethicality
  • The role of intelligent databases – how to maximize their potential and control bias
  • How far do business leaders appreciate the importance of responsible data use?


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