Building for the future of construction: How digitisation is enabling industry-wide modernisation

Pre-COVID employment within the construction sector was over 3.1m – and although the market has 300 large contractors, 41% of the workforce (approximately 943,000) was classed as self-employed. Yet the effects brought about by COVID-19 saw projects cancelled, put on hold (including megaprojects like Birmingham Airport), or delayed dramatically due to new safety measures. In the first quarter, 90 construction companies fell into administration, while March 2020 saw the industry shrink by a record 5.9%, according to the Office for National Statistics.

But the sector fought back with swift and innovative measures. Remote meetings and virtual site visits enabled homeworking. Bigger fleets and increased parking helped employees avoid public transport. And staggered operating hours plus one-way systems kept people safe on-site. Thanks to this quick and committed action, the industry returned to growth in September 2020.

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