Brian Madden’s Playbook for Your Journey to the Cloud

Here’s the thing. For as amazing as the cloud is because of the endless capacity and pay-for-only-what-you-need model, it does nothing to help with the fact that for the past several decades you’ve been carefully building out your own IT environment on-premises. Not only have you made investments that you want to maximize before jumping to the cloud, you’ve designed your entire ecosystem around data center–based resources that just aren’t going to go away quietly.

With that in mind, I want to share what I’ve been thinking regarding our collective journey to the cloud, especially when it comes to desktop virtualization. Things like:

  • Why you can’t just “flip the switch” and be a cloud person now.
  • Why do you even want to use the cloud in the first place?
  • How you can use the cloud on your terms
  • What you need to consider as you plan your cloud projects


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