Benefits of the Consistent Hybrid Cloud: A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud

Over the past decade, cloud computing has grown to become an integral part of the enterprise IT environment. But this growth has also introduced new challenges. Driven by business strategy and technical requirements, enterprises are now deploying workloads across multiple public, private, and edge cloud platforms.

This white paper is an analysis of the TCO of the new paradigm that's being studied and adopted by enterprises: the consistent hybrid cloud. The analysis is based on the cost of operations of the Dell Technologies Cloud compared with running workloads natively on a leading public cloud service provider.

The IT industry realizes both the potential and challenges of hybrid cloud, and enterprise technology leaders such as Dell EMC are continuously innovating to help enterprises push forward in their digital transformation. The consistent hybrid cloud solution is a testament to the continued momentum in this innovation and DX enablement effort.

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