Benchmarking AWS and HPC Services

The aerospace industry has been using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for decades to create and optimize designs digitally, from the largest passenger planes and fighter jets to gliders and drones. CFD enables them to get to market faster and at a lower development cost, and reducing, for example, expensive wind tunnel testing.

The guide details the following:

  • HPC offerings available from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and use a full aircraft CFD simulation to compare the performance against a traditional on-premises supercomputer.
  • How the AWS cloud can match the performance of the on-premises supercomputer and also compete on price
  • Demonstrate that running CFD on GPUs gives the industry the ability to vastly speed up CFD simulations

Learn about the complexity of CFD in the aerospace sector and how new HPC architectures can help the aerospace industry meet future challenges.


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