B2B Marketer’s Guide to Account Based Marketing

ABM is grounded on the thought that if you focus your energies not on a ‘spray and pray’ strategy, but rather on being insightful and deliberate, you will go further. This includes collecting key information about the right prospects, prioritizing mindful marketing and true engagement, and aligning your sales and marketing functions. All these aspects will help you deliver more value for your prospects and clients, and more revenue for your business. ABM creates a rare win-win where both prospects and clients and vendors benefit: prospects and clients get more valuable, relevant content, while businesses see higher ROI from their marketing and sales efforts.

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore:
1. Why there’s a need for Account Based Marketing (ABM)
2. What the ABM Model is, and a deep-dive into how and why it works
3. What the rise of ABM means for the tradtional lead generation model
4. How webinars help with ABM
5. How to set the foundation for webinar-driven ABM


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