Automation Benefits Employees, Customers, and the Bottom Line

Swinton Group, a United Kingdom-based insurance retailer, implemented attended automation to provide agents with assistance in handling new processes and to guide them through customer journeys. This was particularly important in light of the transformation program the company adopted for greater coherence and consistency. It facilitated improvements in quality, compliance, and time spent addressing customer issues.

This freed agents and managers from routine tasks that took up time and ensured greater consistency, by eliminating the risk of human error.

While the automation program assisted the contact center agents, Swinton felt there’s still more they can do, with attended automation, to make the results even better. After examining the process and drafting lessons learned, Swinton took several steps to improve the outcomes.

“The results were impressive and evident from customer, colleague, and financial perspectives.”

– John Mackey, Delivery Manager

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