Annual Sales Enablement Benchmark Report

Face-to-face, transactional experiences have been replaced with remote selling, and B2B buyers now expect a B2C- style experience that is engaging, timely, and personalized. But simply replicating the B2C approach won’t work. Compared to their B2C counterparts, B2B buyers have longer consideration cycles and require much more research before a purchase decision. That makes the B2B buying experience significantly more complex, with a variety of stakeholders, each with different priorities and needs. As a result, B2B organizations are increasingly turning to sales enablement to help them optimize sales processes and strategically deliver the buyer experiences that drive revenue.

But where exactly should you direct your attention and investment? Which sales enablement processes are
most effective? Read on to decode the sales enablement practices of high-performing companies. You’ll learn the five dimensions of sales enablement maturity and how you can use them to improve both customer satisfaction and sales performance at your organization.



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