Add personalization to your portfolio of banking services

In a study by KPMG reflecting 84,000 consumers in 20 countries, a clear correlation emerged between personalization and brand loyalty. Digital banking is no exception to that market dynamic, but many financial institutions have not yet incorporated personalized experiences into their service offerings. It’s the one thing missing from modern digital banking.

Delivering personalized banking services requires the ability to process and analyze very large datasets at high speed. Payment and basic account functions must be combined with data from investment portfolios, mortgages, and insurance for a complete picture of the customer profile.

Download The Power of Personalization: Driving Digital Banking Success to learn:

  • How digital banking has progressed over the last decade, including key research findings
  • What institutions need to consider in their data architecture in order to successfully deliver the personalization that today’s customers expect
  • How Redis Enterprise meets performance, scalability, and security requirements for the future of digital banking

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