Accelerate Your Digital Transformation - Seven Best Practices For Implementing Digital Transaction Management

Digital transaction management (DTM) —a category of cloud services that digitally manage document-based transactionssuch as agreements involving signatures—is rapidly gaining steam.Not only are digital processes easier, faster, more secure, and less error-prone, but they also make for a better customer experience, which isakey business differentiator and an increasingly critical priority for the majority of companies.

In May 2014, DocuSign commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global study on the need for and benefits of digital transaction management. In this study,“Digital Transforms The Game Of Business,”afull 83% of respondents indicated a pressing need for DTM solutions to address challenges that were not being met by other existing solutions.

In May 2016, Forrester conducted additional research to examine DTM deployment best practices by interviewing senior decision-makers who led successful DTM rollouts.This study illuminates the sevenbest practices associated with those successful implementations.


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