Accelerate DevOps with Continuous Integration and Simulation

Adopting the practice of continuous integration (CI) can be difficult, especially when developing software for embedded systems. Practices such as DevOps and CI are designed to enable engineers to constantly improve and update their products, but these processes can break down without access to the target system, a way to collaborate with other teams and team members, and the ability to automate tests. This paper outlines how simulation can enable teams to more effectively manage their integration and test practices.

Key points include:

  • How a combination of actual hardware and simulation models can allow your testing to scale beyond what is possible with hardware alone
  • Recommended strategies to increase effectiveness of simulated testing 
  • How simulation can automate testing for any kind of target
  • How simulation can enable better collaboration and more thorough testing
  • Some problems encountered when using hardware alone, and how simulation can overcome them

Wind River

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