ABN AMRO: Giving Voice to Employees with Video Creation and Webcasting

The third-largest bank in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO is also active throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States.

ABN AMRO uses MediaSpace to embed video in their intranet, as well as Personal Capture for easy video creation. For internal webcasts, they use Kaltura Townhalls. They use video for a wide variety of use cases – recording demos, employee engagement, podcasts, management updates, workshops, livestreams, and more.

For webcasts, using Kaltura Townhalls allows for a much broader audience.
In general, the ability to easily create videos and then to get insights into how those videos are used is highly valuable. With Kaltura, everybody can get access to the platform automatically to give functionalities to every employee so the employee can decide for himself or herself what he or she is going to do.


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