A strategic partnership to enable an adapted workplace

The scope and scale of back to office plans vary between organizations. Some offices have already opened, while others are putting plans in place to bring employees back gradually over coming months. Others say employees can work from home until at least the middle of 2021, with some announcing a permanent remote work set-up option.

Whatever the plan may be for your organization, technology will play a key role in ensuring a smooth transition to support long term remote or hybrid working. Many organizations are already investing in infrastructure to maintain productivity and print security for a distributed workforce.

As a trusted partner in providing hardware, software, supplies and solutions, HP is more than a supplier, working with organizations to deliver the services they need to keep teams connected, productive and secure wherever they need to be.

Discover how HP Managed Print Services helps the employees to work safely, securely and productively reducing some of the pressures for IT and Ops leaders.


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