A Practical Guide to Advancing Your B2B Customer Experience

In this tough, uncertain economic climate, it’s vital to provide relevant information about supply disruptions, product availability, and service solutions to your business customers. Business buyers need your help to address demand fluctuations, navigate supply chain disruptions and deliver service continuity and quality.

Brought to you by SAP, this practical guide delivers intelligence on advancing B2B customer experiences to drive loyalty and retention levels. 

Also, discover how an 80-year-old brand, Laminex, transformed through digital channels to boost online revenue and enhance online experiences for customers.

Download this report to: 

  • Access four self-assessment questions to help your brand transform its customer experience
  • Identify opportunities for new selling channels, products and processes
  • Go-behind-the-scenes to discover how Laminex, has achieved impressive results from its digital transformation projects
  • Enhance how your brand actions voice of the customer insights


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