A NEW ERA In Mill Analytics - US

How a Data Infrastructure Can Improve Pulp & Paper Production Management and Asset Performance

We live in an age of accessible information. Between pocket-sized smartphones, Google, and Wikipedia, we can almost instantly find answers to any question. After all, who hasn't pulled out a smartphone to use Google or Siri to settle a dinner debate? 

But it hasn’t always been that way. Not long ago, access to the internet was limited to specific locations and devices. Users had to be at a desktop computer that was hardwired to connect, login to a machine profile and then run queries. Now, all of that information is available in someone’s pocket, giving unparalleled access to massive amounts of information from anywhere — without the complexity associated with programming.

Access to information has been democratized, and it’s changing more than just dinner conversations. It’s setting the stage for true digital transformation and revolutionizing entire industries, including pulp and paper mills.


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