A catalyst for a healthier future: COVID-19 vaccine management orchestration

After months and months of shutdowns and quarantines, we now have the opportunity to take steps toward a healthier tomorrow. Finally, the vaccines are ready, and we all need to be too.

ServiceNow® can help orchestrate vaccine management, connecting workflows from distribution to administration to monitoring. It makes sure supplies, people, and critical information arrive at the right place, at the right moment. Vaccine management and returning to the workplace isn’t just one linear workflow. It’s thousands of workflows happening simultaneously from the factory to the front lines. The vaccine will roll out in phases, and the challenges in the first phase are going to be different than in the second, third, or fourth.

ServiceNow is committed to helping you manage the unique, evolving challenges presented by the pandemic. Our digital workflows simplify complexity, so you can focus on what matters most.

Service Now

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