A Better Way to Sell on Amazon - 5 ways to sell more and save money with Amazon Sales Channel

Measured by number of shoppers, Amazon Fashion is the most-shopped apparel retailer in the US, surpassing Walmart. Most merchants know that selling on Amazon is a great way to grow their business and profits.

But making it work can be a huge operational challenge, and these operating issues can cut into your margins. Systems integration may be required. Even off-the-shelf connectors can be costly as they must often be customized. Many connectors won’t cover all the Amazon regions you sell to. And very few connectors support the kind of automated, rules-basedpricing that can help you win the Buy Box. The bottom line? More than 50 percent of digital businesses sell on Amazon, but they’re not benefiting as much as they could. 

Amazon Sales Channel in Magento is a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way for your Magento Commerce platform to work with Amazon.

This eBook covers 5 different ways Amazon Sales Channel can help you get more out of your Amazon selling relationship.


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