4 Revenue Metrics Driving Event Management Software Growth

Revenue focused executives have four metrics that determine their success or failure.

  • Number of opportunities – What is the volume of deals that sales is working with?
  • Size of opportunities – What is the average deal size or total Average Contract Value (ACV)?
  • Win rate on opportunities – How many opportunities will the sales team close?
  • Speed to revenue – How long will it take to close a deal?

Product, marketing and sales strategies are all aligned to meet them. Your team must be capable of achieving them. Your processes must be designed to optimize around them. Your technology stack must be able to improve them.

At Aventri, we work with executive teams to ensure event management software is designed to generate revenue. Our clients connect better with their potential buyers to
drive more opportunities. They expose their audience to a complete solution and brand story to grow deal sizes. They tap into the power of personal interactions to win more of their deals. They understand their audience better to speed up the buying process.

This guide is intended to turn best practices in the market into applicable insights and tools for revenue focused executives. There are easy to use tools and templates available to help you tie your event management platform to your business outcomes.


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