2021 Global CIO Report

We surveyed 700 CIOs to uncover the biggest challenges their teams are facing today as they race to keep up with digital transformation. The key takeaway: Breaking down silos between IT, development, and the business, and aligning teams around a single source of truth is critical to business success.

93% of CIOs say IT’s ability to maximize business value is hindered by challenges including siloed BizDevOps teams. The time these teams spend in meetings searching for root causes and solutions to problems costs organizations an average $1.7 million annually in lost productivity. 

Read our full Global CIO Report for more insights, including:

  • The growing concerns CIOs have about their ability to keep up with digital transformation.
  • How to transform the way teams work to improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes.
  • Why cross-team collaboration is key to digital business success.


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