10 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Invest in Cloud Security Training

With the increasing emphasis on remote work, cloud security has become the #1 skill and the most desired area in continuous professional development. Recent surveys indicate that training and certifying IT staff on cloud security is the primary tactic organizations deploy to assure their evolving security needs are met.

Interestingly, 80% of professionals admit that they and their teams need cloud security training or certification to be better equipped to operate in cloud environments. This rate will continue to grow rapidly as organizations turn to vendor neutral cloud-based security solutions versus on-premises legacy ones. Rather than chasing and competing for a limited number of highly experienced professionals, businesses should empower their employees with strong foundational cloud skills.

Modern businesses are faced with so many challenges while moving to the cloud that investing in cloud security training is a critical business decision. This eBook presents ten reasons why businesses need to consider investing in cloud security training. Download to learn more.


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