Digital Transformation - Can Architects Meet the Demands of the Digital Age

There are signs we are at an inflection point where enterprises are starting to see digital transformation reach its full potential. Couchbase’s September 2019 report “Digital transformation: are we finally past the unmet expectations?” showed that 73 percent of enterprises had made “significant” or better improvements to their end-user experience through digital innovation.

As organizations move their focus from planning digital transformation projects to implementing them, more and more pressure is being placed on digital architects. Responsible for building the IT infrastructures that can both meet the demands of the business and let development teams do their jobs, architects are the engine room of digital transformation.

Couchbase wanted to dig deeper into understanding architects’ progress in turning their organizations’ transformational dreams into reality. To do this, Couchbase commissioned a series of questions as part of its third annual survey of IT decision makers.


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