Demand and Supply Planning Readiness Assessment

In today’s environment characterized by demand volatility, inaccurate forecasts and uncertainties around regulations, companies are typically faced with: Low forecast quality and lack of confidence in forecasts, Demand volatility, The impact of promotions and special offers on the demand plan, Forecasting demand for new products, Long lead times for make-to-order items, Whether to reorder or transship, The impact of expiration dates on the supply plan, Right sizing inventory to match target fill rates and Inefficient and non-scalable planning process. 

CT Global Solutions offers a demand and supply planning solution to address these challenges. Powered by SAS, the solution is an integrated and modular suite of products that enable S&OP and integrated business planning (IBP). It includes advanced analytics for both demand and supply forecasting, demand-supply consensus planning, new product forecasting, supply (inventory) optimization, and advanced dashboards and reporting including SAS’s Visual Analytics.


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