Couchbase Under the Hood - An Architectural Overview

Couchbase is an open source, distributed, document-oriented, NoSQL database with a core architecture that supports a flexible JSON data model, easy scalability, consistent high performance, mobile synchronization, always-on 24x365 characteristics, and advanced security.

As a flexible document database, Couchbase supports multiple data access patterns on top of a flexible JSON data model. With its integrated features, Couchbase consolidates multiple layers into a single platform that would otherwise require separate solutions to work together. Couchbase is uniquely able to provide the performance of a caching layer, the flexibility of a source of truth, and the reliability of a system of record, eliminating the need to manage data models and consistency between multiple systems, learn different languages and APIs, and manage independent technologies.

This paper describes how the internal components of the Couchbase database (Server and Mobile) operate with one another. It assumes you have a basic understanding of Couchbase and are looking for greater technical understanding of how things operate beneath the surface.


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