CIO's Guide to Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Traditional data and analytics platforms aren’t designed to handle today’s explosive data growth. In order to run advanced analytics and deliver data-driven insights, technologists are turning to Cloudreach and Google Cloud for solutions. With expertise and support from Cloudreach, customers across the globe are adopting Google Cloud to unlock the power of their data, while eliminating constraints of scale, performance and cost. Let our team help you make the transition into a modern, data driven work, quickly and efficiently.

This whitepaper explores the progression in data engineering techniques, starting with descriptive analytics, like the familiar BI reports against a data warehouse. Then, progressing to diagnostic dashboards and visualizations. The next step is to envision the future by analyzing and modeling data of any type. The final step in this progression is prescriptive analytics, where automated processes respond to ML analysis of data sets and streams to guide behavior. 

So much has changed in the world of data. Read on to learn how to transform  your data into smart analytics.


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