Autonomous Database for Dummies

Emerging technologies and automation permeate every aspect of our work and lives today. The real opportunity of these technologies — which include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and human interfaces — is to enable us to embrace innovation on a scale never seen before. These technologies help us reimagine what’s possible in work and in life — from self-driving cars and personalized medicine to precision agriculture and smart cities that are changing the way we experience our world.

Autonomous opens a new world of opportunities for enterprises. It allows them to move from operations to innovation. It enables new ways to develop and deliver apps and services. Enterprises can harness the abundance of data to gain predictive insights into their businesses and ultimately drive better outcomes for their customers. They can see the signals sooner and adapt faster. And finally, they can run their organizations smarter, more efficiently, and more securely through automation.


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