5 important questions to ask yourself before renewing your backup software

The datacentres of today are evolving and changing so much, that it can be difficult to keep pace. The cloud, multi-cloud, SaaS, containers, automation, data privacy, etc. all contribute to this increasing rate of change. When your existing backup solution comes up for maintenance renewal or a major refresh, you need to take a moment to re-evaluate if the time for change is now.

It may seem easy to simply stick with your existing backup solution provider, but if it’s unable to address your needs, how "easy" is it really? In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 40% of organisations will replace their backup applications from what they deployed at the beginning of 2018. You need to be confident the solution you choose will be ready for what your business will need over the next several years. Maintaining the status quo will not serve you or your organisation in the long run.

By taking a structured approach, you can quickly identify the key considerations you need to make a smart and informed decision about your backup and recovery software solution. Evaluate the current state of your backup solution and see how new technology developments may warrant change. Pose these questions to your current backup vendors as well as those you are considering to best understand their ability to meet your needs today and tomorrow. 

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