Predictive prioritization: data science lets you focus on the 3% of vulnerabilities likely to be exploited

In a perfect world, cybersecurity and IT professionals would proactively identify and patch every potential vulnerability, so their organizations could be protected from all known vectors of attack. But while digital transformation has given rise to new growth opportunities, it has also introduced uncharted areas of risk. Cloud, DevOps, mobile, IoT and critical infrastructure are now all aspects of the corporate cyberattack surface. Traditional vulnerability management methods are simply no match for this dynamic environment. Nevertheless, cybersecurity and IT teams are under constant pressure to keep the organization safe from the vulnerability onslaught.

This technical whitepaper explains the challenges cybersecurity professionals face, how they’re prioritizing vulnerabilities today and how they can dramatically improve cyber risk management with Predictive Prioritization – the process of re-prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the probability that they will be leveraged in an attack.


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