A Digital Transformation Report: 5 Emerging Trends in the Construction Industry

The most innovative companies are integrating technology into their daily processes, choosing a technology partner that provides intuitive tools that every team member can use. By doing so, these companies are able to remain competitive and grow revenue, even with today’s narrow profit margins. And owners and investors are reaping the benefits of more comprehensive realtime reporting, resulting in savvier asset allocation and project planning.

1. Use Smartsheet's real-time work execution platform to improve workflow, encourage collaboration between office workers and field workers and Streamline scheduling. 

2. Introduce proactive safety procedures. Technology can increase documentation accuracy during safety and inspection tracking as well as increase accountability through Activity Log In Smartsheet. 

3. Cloud-based work execution platforms ensures everyone is on the same page. This allows for real-time collaboration, quality control and punch list and change order management. 

4. Field workers can use their mobile phones to update information using a mobile app. Smartsheet allows workers to fill in a simple form for better, faster responses. 

5. Construction companies need to mainatin the same speed and efficiency despite a shortage of skilled workers. Automation can help with repetitive tasks, reduce errors and eliminate bottlenecks. 


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