Compliance for Healthcare & Life Sciences Organizations with AWS

Cloud computing offers compelling benefits for organizations in the fields of
Healthcare and Life Sciences, but organizations that are new to the cloud often
have questions about compliance and regulatory requirements. “How can I use
the cloud and comply with requirements for handling electronic Protected Health
Information (PHI)?” “How can I validate regulated systems running in the cloud?”
“How do I audit a cloud-based system?” If these questions remain unanswered,
they can keep Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations from utilizing the
flexibility, elasticity, and cost efficiency of cloud computing solutions.

Amazon Web Services helps organizations address their compliance requirements
by providing a secure, robust, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Our customers
develop, validate, and operate cloud applications based on their industry specific
security and compliance requirements, as supported by the AWS Shared
Responsibility Model.

This eBook highlights advantages of using AWS to create and maintain cloudbased
solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations with specific
compliance requirements, and features use cases from diverse organizations that
have utilized AWS when moving to a cloud-based IT model in these fields.


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