The NetApp eBook to Migrating Enterprise Workloads to the Cloud

Running an enterprise workload in the cloud comes with challenges: from adapting to a cloud architecture and new application process management (APM) processes to renewed focuses on data integrity, business continuity, and cost control, moving to the cloud is not just about solving problems, it’s about learning to avoid new ones. To meet these challenges the option preferred by most companies taking early steps into the cloud is to adopt a hybrid cloud architecture for their enterprise workloads.

This handbook acts as a guide for every step of the enterprise workload migration process to the public cloud using AWS, Azure, or any other cloud provider, from the initial motivations behind the move to orchestrating the migration and making sure of its deployment. As challenges to moving an enterprise workload present themselves, we look at ways to handle these situations, including NetApp® technologies that provide solutions
that can support and simplify the migration process such as Cloud Volumes ONTAP®.


NetApp | SVA

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