The Future of healthcare in the cloud

Illumina is a global leader in genomics–an industry at the intersection of biology and technology. It offers DNA sequencing and array-based solutions for analysis of genetic variation and function, in fields ranging from cancer research to agriculture. At the most fundamental level, the company enables its customers to read and understand genetic variations, with 90 percent of all DNA sequencing worldwide being performed on Illumina machines. It uses products like Amazon Redshift to support its BaseSpace Sequence Hub, which currently stores 10 petabytes of genomics data.

Read this eBook to uncover how some of our customers use the cloud to innovate and transform the way they work. Hear their stories in precision medicine and medical research, including innovative responses to the COVID-19 crisis. With AWS Regions across the world, we’re helping to empower the public sector by enabling the sort of transformational thinking needed to solve critical healthcare problems.



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