The Economic Advantages of Migrating Enterprise Data Warehouse Workloads to Google BigQuery

Cloudreach has spent a decade building out cloud based infrastructure, migrating applications and standing up data solutions in the cloud. To do this, they have used cost calculation figures to make these moves. 

Costing exercises are valuable when evaluating alternatives, as it is important to know what you are paying for, as well as what you hope to gain. Pricing calculators can be useful in enumerating predicted costs at various levels of utilization. They can clearly highlight the advantages of capex vs opex and various other categories of expense found in on-premises deployments but not in systems deployed in the cloud. Where the calculations can fall short, is in projecting the value of agility in systems that can scale both up and down with demand, and in those that relieve your organization of the burden of infrastructure management.     

Easy access to analytics lowers the cost of data driven insight within your organization, making it easier to gain the advantages associated with that insight. This won’t show up in the cost calculations but it might well be reflected in the agility and competitiveness of your organisation.     

Read on to learn about the economic advantages of redesigning and migrating your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system to Google BigQuery. 

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