The Economic Advantages of Google BigQuery versus Alternative Cloud-based EDW Solutions

In our experience, the most effective cloud services are those that speed time to value by minimizing setup, administration and elaborate planning. Google BigQuery exemplifies this.

It may be commonplace for Cloud managed databases to handle server and software patching, backups, hardware maintenance and other routine database administration tasks.  BigQuery’s serverless architecture goes beyond that, eliminating the need for capacity planning and tuning, skills that typically require scarce resources best applied elsewhere.   

Traditionally, on-premise data warehouses are very expensive, often under provisioned and costly to maintain. Cloud-based alternatives often require upfront financial commitments to be competitively priced and specialized knowledge to set up. What is it worth to your organization to have the analytic capacity you need, when you need it, at a cost driven solely by your utilization of this capacity?     

Read on to learn how BigQuery allows you to purely focus on solving the problem at hand. 


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