Seven steps to make secure IT infrastructure a business priority

This paper is intended to help you bake security into your hybrid cloud infrastructure starting in the data center, and how to build support in the business for doing so. We’ll discuss:

  • Reaching across enterprise towers to convince decision-makers that a secure IT infrastructure is a top business priority
  • Addressing the basics first to place on-premises security at the center of your hybrid cloud strategy – from chip to hardware to OS and beyond
  • Recognizing all threats are human, and answering them with the right technology and processes
  • Doing more than checking the compliance box to meet regulatory requirements at the pace the business requires
  • Tackling the influx of data at scale headed your way from IoT, AI and blockchain, while preparing for 5G and quantum
  • Collaborating to elevate security from proof of concept to production with insights from leaders in hybrid cloud architecture and on-premises security


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