Secure Hybrid Cloud for Dummies

The hybrid cloud is becoming the way enterprises are transforming their organizations to meet changing customer requirements. Businesses are discovering that in order to support the needs of customers, there is an imperative to leverage the highly secure IBM Z platform to support missioncritical workloads, such as transaction management applications. The Z platform has been transformed over the years. The combination of z/OS, LinuxONE, open APIs, and the inclusion of Kubernetes has made IBM Z a critical partner in the hybrid cloud world. Businesses can transform their IBM Z environments into a secure, private cloud. In addition, through IBM’s public cloud, businesses may take advantage of IBM Z’s security services to protect their data and applications.

This book is designed to help you understand the value of a secure cloud and how it can help your business meet its technical and business goals. The book provides an understanding of the importance of security in the hybrid cloud environment and how the IBM Z platform and its services play an important role for enterprises.


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