How Staffing Firms Can Use Cloud ERP

Focused on helping other companies fill their employee and executive pipelines, staffing firms are always in demand and are particularly vital in today’s tight labor market. Whether they’re increasing pay rates, offering employee training or bringing back retired workers to take on new positions, staffing companies are taking an increasingly proactive approach to finding and recruiting human capital for their clients.

As part of that process, these companies have to manage a complex back-end system that includes:

  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Issuing 1099s
  • Managing both permanent and temporary employees

They also have to maintain their own profitability in an industry with small margins. Achieving this balance can be difficult using the manual, siloed processes that many staffing firms typically rely on.

This white paper looks at the growth in the staffing industry, highlights the key challenges that staffing companies are currently dealing with and shows how a unified cloud ERP can help these firms save both money and time in an ultra-competitive industry.


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