Fast-Track Digital Transformation with ERP in the Cloud - How to Unlock New Business Opportunities While Upgrading to SAP S4HANA

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms are arguably the most important applications in a company’s data center. The core modules range from financial and order management systems to supply chain planning and human resource management. In short, if the ERP platform goes down, orders can’t be booked, invoices can’t be paid, and business grinds to a halt. This high-risk proposition helps explain why enterprises need a compelling reason and an airtight business case before upgrading their ERP system and incorporating the project in a digital transformation strategy.

The cloud is providing just such a justification by turning an ERP upgrade into a business opportunity. A move to the cloud can fasttrack digital transformation and unlock business benefits like faster time to market for new products and services and reassigning internal information technology (IT) staff to high-value business initiatives.


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