Établir le socle cloud des services IT de demain

Businesses face tough decisions when choosing the technology that will serve as the basis for the infrastructure of their next generation data center. The technological decisions taken today will be the bases of your success tomorrow. To stay true to your core values and consistently demonstrate vigilance. Your ability to respond to needs of your IT customers and to positively influence the bottom line of the business is an ongoing struggle between financial efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

In this whitepaper, you will discover how to face the challenges of large modern enterprises and design your systems to create a next generation data center adapted to the new requirements of cloud technology.

Your ideal partner to help you create tomorrow’s cloud services. With NetApp’s next generation storage architectures you can:

  • Optimise the monetisation, internal billing and justification of the costs of your infrastructure to consolidate your business model
  • Expand your internal workloads with extended service offerings
  • Reduce risk by eliminating over-supply
  • Simplify operations through advanced automation
  • Improve end user satisfaction  

NetApp | Scasicomp

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