Enterprise Cloud Solutions Pocket Book

Many traditional infrastructure vendors would have you believe that hyperconverged infrastructure is only for VDI and tier 2 virtualized applications. But not all hyperconverged architectures are the same. For the web-scale Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, nothing is further from the truth. Businesses the world over run business-critical applications and production workloads on Nutanix. They rely on Nutanix solutions to run critical databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP alongside other important applications and services. Many Nutanix customers come to us to solve a particular challenge and then expand into other applications over time as they see exactly what the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is capable of.

This guide explains the idea of enterprise cloud, details many of the capabilities of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, and explains the advantages that Nutanix delivers for solution areas including business-critical applications, messaging and collaboration, server virtualization and private cloud, Big data and cloud-native apps, and virtual desktop infrastructure.


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