CIO's Guide to Application Migration

Increasingly, enterprise organizations seek to leverage the myriad advantages delivered by a successful digital transformation. At Google Cloud, we believe that effective integration of public cloud capabilities is fundamental to this critical journey. By augmenting or replacing on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources, enterprises can eliminate many of the IT-centric constraints that often distract from, and sometimes inhibit, their core business. Cloud integration opens the door to simplified IT management, elastically scalable resources, flexible cost models, and innovative new services...ultimately enabling increased operational efficiency and fueling business growth.

In addition, as cloud resources have become broadly and easily accessible, it behooves many organizations to proactively evolve their IT infrastructure to support continued success in increasingly competitive markets. Sometimes, by maintaining an unoptimized status quo, organizations can inadvertently hamper innovation and squander internal capital, thereby increasing exposure to market disruptors and aggressive competition.


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