Application modernization and the decoupling of infrastructure services and teams

Modernizing applications on a public cloud offers many advantages but these benefits are often presented as an “all or nothing” choice: move to the cloud and modernize. Enterprises want to modernize independently from the migration to a public cloud, and to enable an incremental path for migration that mixes on-prem and cloud-based solutions as needed. 

The need for modernization on-premises and the desire for multi-cloud solutions—call for a new platform that can run consistently in many environments, and that provides modern, agile development and operations across these environments.

Google has built Anthos (formerly known as Cloud Services Platform) to accelerate application modernization for SaaS providers, developers, IT operators and their end users. In order to balance developer agility, operational efficiency and platform governance, the Anthos framework enables decoupling across critical components:

• Infrastructure is decoupled from the applications
• Teams are decoupled from each other
• Development is decoupled from operations
• Security is decoupled from development and operations

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