Application-Centric Pathways to the Hybrid Cloud

The current leading approach to meet the needs of a typical application portfolio is a hybrid cloud model. The industry defines hybrid cloud as the combination of private cloud, public cloud and edge environments unified with consistent infrastructure and consistent operations. A hybrid approach is preferred by IT organizations as they determine what aspects of public cloud fit their unique application needs—in fact, two-thirds of cloud buyers are seeking a hybrid cloud solution. The good news is that IT organizations can build on existing infrastructure investments, bridging the gap to modern public cloud solutions while consolidating IT control and management.

This eBook summarizes an application-centric approach to shape cloud strategy for any business looking to streamline and modernize their IT landscape. It provides six app-centric paths for IT organizations to adopt a hybrid cloud environment. Depending on your company’s application landscape, you will use some or many of these paths to optimize your cloud strategy.

VMware and Logicalis

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