4 Reasons Healthcare is Moving to the Cloud

Business and tech leaders report that increasing cloud usage is one of their top priorities, and adoption rates in healthcare mirror that trend. In early 2019, HIMSS reported that 39% of IT workloads were deployed in the cloud in healthcare organizations. That number is expected to reach 50% by early next year.

Healthcare organizations are coming to the cloud for a multitude of reasons. Some are attracted by the broad range of cloud-based offerings, while others are interested in a specific cloud-enabled solution. Those organizations that begin their cloud journey with a specific solution in mind typically end up broadening their scope to enjoy even greater benefits.

Many of cloud’s greatest benefits apply especially well to healthcare. This guide looks at four of them in particular:
1. Supports data security
2. Provides cost savings and efficiencies
3. Unifies disparate systems
4. Enhances consumer experience


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