Root Cause Analysis for Fast-Moving IT Stacks - How AIOps and Root Cause Changes Help

Supporting Fast-Moving IT Stacks? It’s Time for IT Operations to Rethink Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Leverage AIOps

Frequent, long and painful incidents and outages are a problem for IT operations teams supporting cloud-native and hybrid-cloud applications and services. That’s because these fast-moving IT stacks see thousands of changes every week. 

With Gartner estimating 85% of incidents as being change-related, identifying the root cause change behind an incident or outage quickly and easily, is now critically important. 

Read this white paper from Elik Eizenberg, co-founder and CTO at BigPanda, to learn:

  • How legacy incident management tools and approaches are not working in fast-moving IT stacks,
  • Why finding the root cause change is now essential to root cause analysis and incident management
  • How BigPanda uses AIOps and Open Box Machine Learning to help you find the root cause change in real-time 


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