No...the AIOps train hasn't left the station

If you read tech news or listen to noisy vendors, you could believe that AIOps is now mainstream and wonder how you fell so woefully behind or what you are missing out on.

Despite all the hype and punditry from the chattering classes around AIOps, most enterprises are just getting started — or haven’t started at all. The AIOps train is just picking up steam, and you can still get on.

As you think about your journey to autonomous IT operations, don't miss this webinar with Charlie Aruajo, Principal Analyst with industry analyst firm, Intellyx. Charlie will help break down the mystery of AIOps with some basic questions:

- AIOps - what's your "why?"

- How can AIOps transform your IT Ops data into insights?

- What value can you expect from IT Ops improvements enabled by AIOps?

Join Charlie as he draws on 20+ years of experience leading successful transformational programs for F1000 companies. Use what he knows to get on the right track with AIOps and learn how BigPanda has helped customers chart a pragmatic course to autonomous IT operations, adopting AIOps at their own pace.


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